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At A to Z Painting & Roofing, we offer a range of services to give our clients beautiful, durable, and high-quality home exteriors. We are a family-owned company local to Arizona, and we understand the climate and weather conditions we all deal with every year. Our home services are designed specifically for the climate in Arizona so your homes can stay strong and look their best, no matter the weather. Check out our services below–we look forward to working with you!


We offer both exterior and interior painting using high quality, 100% acrylic paint. On the exterior of your home, a change of color can completely update your home’s curb appeal and raise your home’s value. Our team will expertly paint whatever material you have on the outside of your home. On the interior, we offer whole-house painting services and will work with you to create the interior look you are dreaming of.


As part of our exterior services, we also specialize in spray-on stucco installation, which can be customized in color and texture to suit your taste. Stucco is a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is fire resistant.


Our experienced roofing team members are specialists in tile roof installation and maintenance. Tile roofing is heavy and requires a strong frame in order to support it. As we’re in Arizona, the majority of our clients have tile roofs due to their durability and desert landscape aesthetic, and we have extensive experience installing and maintaining them. We also perform roof inspections and roof repairs to keep your roof in optimal condition so it can protect you for decades.

Home Exterior Waterproofing

In Arizona, we can get heavy monsoon rains that dumb inches of water on our homes at once. This kind of heavy rain can seep into our houses if the exteriors are not protected with waterproofing measures. Home exterior waterproofing includes:

  • Sealing up any cracks, especially around windows and doors
  • Clearing gutters from debris that can lead to water backup and flooding
  • Resealing any roof vents and other areas on your roof as needed
  • Repainting any cracked or peeling paint on the exterior of your home, as exterior paint actually acts as a protective seal for the frame of your home

These waterproofing services will ensure your home is safe and ready for any wet weather Arizona storms bring.

Kool Deck Staining and Repairs

Kool Deck is a decking product that provides a cool surface all year round, so you can walk barefoot on it, even in the Arizona heat. This material can be stamped to look like any style you can dream up. At A to Z Painting & Roofing, we will stain your Kool Deck so it matches the overall aesthetic of your home. If your Kool Deck is damaged in any way, our expert team will repair it so it looks as perfect as the first day you had it installed.

Dust Storm Preparation

From June to September, Arizona is susceptible to dust storms, which can sometimes be intense. It’s important to make sure your home is prepared and remains a secure and safe place during a dust storm. Our team will inspect your roof and your siding to make sure everything is securely in place and able to withstand the strong winds associated with these storms. If any areas need repairs, our experienced team will get those repairs done quickly and skillfully. We’ll also check your gutters to ensure they’re properly attached, free of debris, and angled away from your home. If you have shutters, we’ll check those, too, to make sure they won’t get blown off your home. We’ll secure any areas on the exterior of your home that seem too loose or out of place.